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Have you ever walked into a room and felt a chill or that something wasn’t quite right? Or have you entered a space and suddenly become sad or agitated for no apparent reason? On the other hand, are there places you have visited that consistently bring about an inexplicable sense of contentment? The spaces where we live and work may harbour spirits or energies that affect our well-being. If spirits are trapped, their energies may cause us mental or emotional distress, on the other hand their presence can uplift us emotionally or contribute to a joyful state of mind. Additionally, energy patterns in structures or on land can be either negative or positive, depending on their origin and vibrational rate. Fortunately though, with the assistance of guides and spirit helpers, “blocked” spaces can be cleared and any negative energy can be transformed to positive energy by raising the vibrational rate. Everyone has the potential capacity to perceive phenomena energetically and work with that energy. In concise and easy to follow language, Jim Pathfinder Ewing explains in his book how to develop this capacity and details techniques for working with it in a beneficial way.